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Which Type of Path

I am playing "Kingdom of Fire, Circle of Doom" on my 360. It is a very linear path RPG game. You walk down a path (literally) and kill things as you find them. While you can backtrack, you're basically being led by the nose in the game. Many computer games are like this. The better ones have a large area that you can run around in, but ultimately you are limited to where you can go until you do thing X and Y. There are open world games. Fall Out III is a wonderful example. You can go just about anywhere. You may get killed off because the difference of strength between you and your opponents in a given area, but you can still go there.

This leads me to wonder which path I want to live on. Do I go down the linear path, only doing those things that are part of the expected journey, or do I strive to break out into wider (and potentially more dangerous) territory? An interesting choice...


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