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The Sanity of Others

I had an affirmation this weekend of why we need others. Sometimes we, as individuals, get really whack ideas. Not crazy ideas, just ones disconnected with the larger shared reality. Pursuing these whack ideas may get us into real trouble in the long run. Remaining disconnected from the larger shared reality may harm us and will definitely harm others who we share this space with. What to do about our disconnects?

The answer lays in those wonderful people who act as mirrors to our realities. They can confirm or repudiate our life's meanderings. Repudiation can be jolting, but the outcome is usually a good one when these jolts are taken with humility and humor. IMO these two reactions, humility and humor, both pave the way to reconnection and give us tools to deciding if an adjustment is not necessary. Sometimes those mirroring us are whack themselves. Humility is about knowing ourselves and humor is about taking life not too seriously. The combination, when embraced, affirms what our wonderful mirrors are sharing. We reconnect our disconnects and live life more fully.
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