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Protestors, True Believers and Trolls

Nowadays I am working with a wonderful life coach. Our time together is showing that my major life challenges spring from my pretending that things are hunky-dore, when they are not. I am a protester, fighting the larger reality of the situation. The "fix" is to face these parts of my life head-on and stop living an alternate reality in my head. The disconnect will be addressed and I will be happier.

This contrasts with something else I heard recently. A talking head on the radio said that Obama talks about job creation but will really put all his energy into banning guns, running up the deficit and moving astroids into a collision course with the earth. OK, I added that last bit. The point is that the talking head seems to be living in an alternate reality from the president. Is he a pretender? I am more afraid that he is a true believer, a person who truly believes what he is saying. Or is could it be that he is a troll, a person who does not believe what he says, but says it anyway because it is fun / profitable / his job. A troll would say "your taking it out of context" or "I was just kidding" when confronted.

My disconnect with a happier life is not due to my being a true believer. I hope I am not a troll. I pretend because of denial of that larger reality. The point I want to share is that I see three models for being a pretender. The protestor is very sad to me. I find myself struggling with it. The true believers are scary when they don't agree with you. The trolls are just abhorent. An interesting place to start thinking...
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