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Facing the No

A very special person, elsewhere on the wide internet, talked about communication with others. The topic was how to respond when others say "no" in someway. I responded with some words that I want to recompile here...

Sometimes we hold back on expressing ourselves because we are reluctant, concerned that others will receive our output with a "no" spoken with enough assurance to deter further dialouge. There is a reason people say no. They may fully believe their no, or they may be saying it out of meanness. Either way, fighting it is not worth much time. Or... they may be reluctant also. They only have enough energy to say no. If that is the case, well, we can decide if it is worth your time and energy to engage their "no". Sometimes it is not as about us than it is about their are being true to themselves in a messy human kind of way.

Some people are not capable of hearing and don't have room in their heart for your feelings. Other people struggle with their own complacency. Listen to that voice inside of you and pick your battles for expression and understanding.
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