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Dreams as Reality

Dreams are a strange thing. Sometimes they terrorize people, showing them horrific realities that have no right to properly exist. These dreams may omens, but often they are artifacts of anxiety bleeding over to the sleeping time. These nightmares are wisely noted and then ignored.

I have a different dreams. My waking life is pretty dark now. It would be wonderful if a bus found me. My dreams speak of other matters. There are no buses there. I am surrounded by people and we are fairly productive. The clinging depression and dark desires are not present in my dreams. The people in my dreams are strangers as a whole. There are very few familiar faces. Life goes on in my dreams, truly goes on. My waking life is another matter.

so I wonder, what should I take away from these hopeful dreams? Should they be noted and ignored like others' nightmares? Are they a fantasy, or is my sleeping reality showing me how things "really are"? I wonder.
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