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Our Buttons

I find human buttons to be an interesting study. My lovely wife and I share buttons impacted by perfection, but the approaches are different.

She takes issue with people who ought to be doing things smarter and better, but aren't. An example, our new house (built in the 60s) has a bathroom door that gets in the way of things when opened. My wife asks, "why didn't they put it over here?". She is really unhappy with the situation. My answer is "you'll have to ask architect of 40 years ago". An issue about relative perfection.

I take issue with forced perfection. I am a photographer, but I don't like overally photoshopped pics. There is a picture on facebook of a kid's head on a bodybuilder's frame. The point is to make you do a double-take and then look at the ad next to the pic. This is deception and lying to me. I say, "find a real person and take a real photo". LOL... again, relative perfection, but I don't like when reality is bent to create the perfection. The irony is that I would be the first person to admit that reality is a matter of choice and personal perception.

I guess that is why they are called button issues - they don't make sense to people without the same buttons.
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