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Society and Awareness

Several months ago I posted a series of articles about living with awareness. Each had a different topic. A recent blog I posted sparked a discussion about Society. Below are my previous thoughts on Society and Awareness.

Being unaware is to be mechanical and programmed by society. People tend to go through life with fixed ideas that can be manipulated like robots with buttons. When you are in awareness you observe the buttons and turn them off. While you are in awareness dislikes may not go away, but the automatic reactions do. You are a slave to these things when we are not aware of them.

People across the world have crazy notions based on their society and tribal norms. Each culture has its norms that are outside of the global understanding. Are individuals to blame? No. They are operating on a cultural or private prejudice. An ideology is a prejudice also. No reality fits into an ideology. Life is beyond it. We all look for the meaning of life, but life has no formulas or set meanings. Meaning can only be found when we look beyond meaning.

Adoration is the product of ideology. Religion thrives on adoration. Beware (be aware) of religion. Doubt is the product of reality. Doubt is the product of awareness. If adoration is equated with love, and adoration with the highest forms of ideology, those that you consider terrorists are the most loving people you know. When we see someone as a terrorist we can say "They are attached to a selfish idea that is destructive." This is very insightful. Now consider what was said before:

I am an ass, you are an ass

You and I are all terrorists in our own selfishness born out of survival and the need to feel good. Terrorists have something else in common. They have approval, appreciation, and attention in their society. Appreciation and attention are an addictive drug given to us when we are very young. As a sideline into child psychology consider that a healthy child is interested in things. An unhealthy child is interested in persons. Interest in people and groups of people (family, tribe) is a sign of attachment. Interest in things is a sign that attachment does not grip us and you are free to explore the world. Nonattachment to the society and tribe is part of awareness.

Society will not like you exploring the role of attachment. Society uses it to control you. Society will be very unhappy. Turn back now while you can!
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