Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Attaining Perfection

I find the topic of attaining perfection to be interesting. Today I came across a quote from don Miguel Ruiz Jr.'s book "The Five Levels of Attachment".

I'll LJ cut the longer text below, but the operative sentence that evoked this posting was "At that moment, you see your inherent perfection, and that realization is all you need to enjoy life."

Many of us have spent years creating stories about ourselves based on other peoples ideas and expectations, and then we struggled through life trying to live up to these false images that we agreed with.

But once on the path, there comes a point of realization when you say to yourself, “this is who I am—no story needed.

At that moment, you see your inherent perfection, and that realization is all you need to enjoy life. From this new perspective, you can change your life in any direction you see fit, because you now have the freedom to choose. You have stopped trying to live up to someone else’s beliefs and ideals.

As a result, you do not make changes in your life because you feel you must do so in order to love and accept yourself; rather, you make changes from a place of self love, to express yourself and experience more of life, because you already know there is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to attain, you are perfect exactly as you are.

Why do I find this interesting? Two things, one old and one fairly recent. The old one is a thought that our own uber self-empowerment is often at odds with our commitments. An extreme example of this is a parent's commitment to their children. The parent would like to be the next light being, but there is that little thing about raising happy and healthy kids. A less extreme example would be compassion to others who struggle in their (lesser?) realities. My ex-wife once told a mutual friend to not burn bridges with proclamations of new awareness when the mutual friend was stepping into a larger awareness.

The more recent thing is my developing understanding that wisdom brings both humility and humanity. I understand that Miguel is using the worlds "inherent perfection". This means that I can be horribly broken, but still perfect within my brokenness. But... the elements of humility and humanity do not lend themselves, at least to me, of talk about perfection.

So, in closing, I can only guess that words are words. Miguel is speaking of things that a larger audience would embrace, and we humans seemed to be hardwired to seek and/or celebrate perfection.
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