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Selfishness and Self-Image

A recent blog caused a dialog about the nature of mankind. Are we another animal or are we more? A common touchstone was the selfishness of man. In a previous article I listed the following guidelines for dealing with the selfishness of others.

Expect the worst – you are dealing with selfish people
Remember people are as bad as you

If we remember this you will:

Never be disillusioned
Never disappointed
Never "let down"
Never feel rejected

Congratulations, you are becoming aware now. Where does this leave the aware person? You can now:

Expect yourself and others to be selfish
See your own self-interest - refined or course.

Here is an important memory device if you are feeling stressed out by the actions of others and you forget the rules of selfishness:

I am an ass, you are an ass, so where’s the problem?
I post this to show that I am not a "everything is light and love" type guy. These rules were stated in an article about people thinking they are doing good, being generous, and yet they are being selfish. This is the "positive" side of selfishness. There are others sides. My recent blog responses showcased the "negative" side of selfishness. This brought some thoughts to my mind. In psychology there is the theory of projection. In projection, those things that we like the least about ourselves become those things that we take issue in others. The person who is a gossip also notices others who gossip. The person who is vain cannot help but notice those who are also vain. Our experience, good bad or ugly, directs our observations. NOTE: This is true for the good and bad (positive and challenged?) aspects of ourselves.

A question... if the selfishness of man can be seen in a good or bad light, what does this say about those who see man as merely an animal, victim to the selfish physical and emotional needs? While this may be a "realistic" stance, does too much of a focus on this side of man inform the individual of where they own self-image is? Is there not something more to aspire to? Can we rise to any "spiritual" state while we focus on the shortcomings of our life situations? Food for thought...
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