Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

The World(s) Next Door

I'm reading the book "A Dark Matter" by Peter Straub. The story hinges on a group of people opening a door to another place and the not good things that happened. This got me thinking about a part of life I've put aside for a time.

The topic I had forgotten for a time is the idea of the world next door. Allow me to introduce this idea with three stories about some friends.

The first is about an old and dear friend. She had a life time of issue with things we called woogums. These entities made her life a living heck. They made things vanish, caused relationships to blow up, and generally made her miserable. In the end she found fault with an event early in her life that introduced these things and she has since turned to Christianity to find peace.

The second story is about a guy who was the leader of a spiritual group I was associated within around the year 2000. He had a lot of abilities that included astral travel and a bit of energetic glamour work. The one thing that he didn't do was read tarot. Why? He didn't want to know the answers.

The last story is one of mine. Back in 2009 I wrote the following: 'Ghost hunting' is all the rage now. Popular media shows people investigating using tactics both technical and intuitive. While the results are mixed, the audience is left with the impression that the investigations were relatively safe for all involved. I have some ability to perform the intuitive aspects of an investigation, but for the most part I choose not to see. Why? Isn't it a glamorous thing to see into other worlds or shades of this one that are usually invisible? Hmmmm... my experience says otherwise. For this reason I choose not to "poke" around the corners of my house or any of the abandoned places that I take pictures at. While ignorance is not bliss, knowing what "stands" next to me would perhaps be more disturbing that I would want.

What is the link of all these stories? There is a world next door if you either open the door or can peek through a window. Both are easy if you have the ability. But should you? I'll write more about “the ability” in another posting.
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