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The Salve of Music

I sometimes wonder about the sanity of the rational mind. The rational mind says, "because it is so!' Bizarrely, the rational mind bears the off springs of religious dogma, politics and moralities that spread across these landscapes. I know people are well meaning, mostly, but the embracing of the rational "because it is right" or "I am serving X" produces toxic bile and discontent. What is a person to do?

I find MUSIC to be my salve. I like songs with words, but sometimes they cross over to the rational "it should be X" realm. Songs without words are a divine expression. They transcend the rational and speak a language that shows the face of true beauty. Even songs with words are a blessing in that the writers often turn away the norms of the rational, speaking of the world in terms of what it is instead of what it should be. Musicians are divine rebels, and I love them dearly.
Tags: divine, dogma, music, musician, rational, religion

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