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How to Ask Tarot Questions – Part 3


Tarot readings can be done anywhere for anything. I’ve done readings in coffee shops, bookstores and at work.

I have a challenge for the practiced reader. Make the "where" of the tarot reading located in your mind. Pull a card from your mind. See what your psyche deals you. The results can be interesting.


The tarot cards can communicate in a combination of two ways: symbolically and intuitively. A symbolic reading is also known as a "book" reading. An accepted, predetermined meaning is applied to the card. The quality of a symbolic reading is determined by the reader’s understanding of card meanings/symbology, both alone and along with other cards.

The second method of reading is via intuition. When the cards are read intuitively, they "speak" to the reader, and there is no knowledge of underlying symbology required. The intuition of a reader picks up on the pictures in the cards or some other unclassifiable method. Some intuitive readers don’t require the cards, and use them only as a backdrop to a answering a querent’s question. Other intuitive readers use the cards as a "jumping off point", and the reading moves forward from the first impression received from the cards. An analogy of this is being shown on a map that one is somewhere in the Southern United States, and then probable climate based on the time of the year. Most readers use a combination of symbolic and intuitive reading.
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