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A Free Lunch!

I found a way to get a free lunch... but I don't recommend it for everyone.  First you order a cobb salad with grilled chicken.  The salad is great.  It has blue cheese, carrots and all kinds of goodies!  You get the salad and determine that the chicken has a really strange smell.  It is cooked, but still smells spoiled.  What to do?  You carefully take the chicken off of the salad it put it on a napkin.  Give it to the server and then proceed to eat the salad!  Yumm Yumm...  The management lets you have the salad and your tea for free!

Ok, the rest of the story is that your intuition tells you it is OK to do this.  I wouldn't have touched the rest of the salad if I didn't have a good feeling about it.   Still though... I was wondering if my afternoon would include diarrhea and projectile vomiting.  The good news is that all turned out well.

i put a lot of stock in my intuition when it comes to nutrition.,  I'm glad it worked out in this case!  I think I'll have something normal tomorrow.
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