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Wolf-Dog Puppies and Some Info

My hand is aching tonight, so I'm not going to write what I planned too. Instead I'll show off pics of the new puppies and repeat a list of wolf-dog traits that we have experienced and know to be true!

Ok... new puppies pics, three days old as of 11/20/13:

An informative webpage lists the following characteristics of high percentage wolf-dogs. I've put my experience in the "True?" column.


May be true if “standard' is abuse based. react poorly to standard dog training
Yes! may dig large holes in their pens or the backyard, especially if bored or tied down

can jump or climb a six-foot high fence

Yes... the amount they listen is based on the degree that you
are their alpha

are smart and learn commands easily, but often decide to ignore them
Yes! require an enclosure large enough for exercise and play.
Yes yes yes and yes! will roll over and over again in the most obnoxious smelling substance known to the human nose

The respect part is true, but once they respect you, the
training can and will happen.

do not respond to discipline the way most dogs do. Training a
wolf dog is about as 'easy' as training a house cat. You must earn
their respect if you expect them to listen to you.

Yes do not like to be alone (they need a canine or human companion). Providing a companion often negates undesirable behaviors discussed in this section. Remember, wolves are highly developed social animals that normally live in groups; it's not in their nature to be alone. A lone wolf is not a happy wolf.
Yes require a high protein diet. Most commercially available dog foods are difficult for wolf dogs to digest due to high vegetable/low protein content.
Could be, more so than average dogs may be fearful of people outside of the family pack. Taking them to public places may cause high anxiety and stress.

Require a very high amount of socialization, often and
repeatedly, from a very young age through adulthood, if you expect
to take them to public places, a dog park, or even for a walk.


are not good off leash; they may run off in pursuit of
something interesting and are difficult to call back; or they may
find that obnoxious smelly stuff discussed above.

Yes! bark very little, but boy do they howl


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