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Sci-Fi Horror Quiz

So I spent about two hours watching a horror movie on Sci-Fi channel called “Mortuary”. In the end everyone died. The sad fact is that they deserved to. What would you do if:

a) You buy a mortuary to being a new career with your brand new mortician's license. The building is run-down with a clouded history. Very nasty. Green slime leaks into the yard from the "septic tank". There is a cemetery adjacent to the mortuary.
b) You find a strange key with a star-shape on the end. Your hand is cut in the process. You don't see the tendrils come up from the drain to suck up the blood drops.
c) You go to the cemetery. A private family vault has it’s door open. The door should be locked. Everything grey or green in color.
d) You go into the vault. Very creepy. There are stairs leading down into the earth.
e) You go down the stairs. It's an underground chamber. In the room is a vertical stone slab that has a hole in it the same shape as the key star-shaped key you found. On the vertical slab is the inscription, "In Time Even Death Dies".

Do you:

a) Put the key in, turn it, and hear a clicking sound. There is no apparent motion in the room. Your kids holler for you and you leave the vault. Key is forgotten. Vault is forgotten.
b) Drop the key in the nearest trashcan, move the f*ck away from the mortuary, and find a new profession.

If you picked (a), you and your family are dead mere days later. If you picked (b), you’re probably still alive somewhere, with giant snakes/crocodiles/spiders/beavers/dragons/hamsters/rats/(animal of choice) are attacking you. Remember, this is the Sci-Fi network!!!
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