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How to Ask Tarot Questions – Part 4


Sometimes the most carefully constructed questions don’t work, and there are several possible reasons.

The question is not important compared to something else going on in the querent’s life. The analogy is that the querent is asking what color shoes they are wearing while a truck bears down on them.

The answer seems wrong, but the person is just not open to hearing the reply. The querent wants to hear another answer.

The parameters of the question were too largely defined, and the reader does not know what things or persons the cards are referring to.

The parameters of the question were too small, and the answer is bigger than the box provided.

Multiple questions were asked, and multiple answers are given. Confusion results.

The question has been asked many times, and Spirit is just tired of answering. Another tact is being tried by the spiritual guides/soul, and we haven’t figured it out yet.


This paper is an introduction to asking questions in tarot readings. Through practice (practice, practice) you will establish methods that work for yourself. The methods will be different from person to person depending on their training, personal flair, and level of intuition. Have fun, help others, and start asking those questions!
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