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Finding Jack

This is another post about sensing and interacting with entities. My lovely wife and I both have the ability to sense spirits, both human and non-human. We independently sensed one human spirit in our new house and a nature spirit in the woods below the house. Thankfully the nature spirit is past the dog enclosure, and there does not seem to be any problems between the dogs and the entity. Sensing spirits isn't that hard. My previous house also had a spirit, a young woman who hung out in my bedroom. She seemed very sad when I looked at her, but nothing came of it in day to day life.

It is one thing to sense spirits. Like I said, it is not hard. Not every place has resident spirits. It would surprise you the places that do and don't have one hanging out. When entities are in a location, 99% of the time they are just there. No harm no foul with the living people in the same area. It is like saying that plants are in the front yard. They are there and you are in your house.

What if you go after the “bad” spirits? There is a new series on Sci-Fy called “Killer Contact”. A team of ghost hunters go after the bad spirits. Of course they pick Jack the Ripper for their premiere show! I have to assume that these guys and gals don't have a psychic bone in their bodies. If they did, well, they would think otherwise about pursuits like this. What if they could zero in on Jack and make contact with him? That would be like looking for poison ivy in your yard and stumbling straight into a thicket of it.  That doesn't have to happen.   It could turn out OK. If they are looking for poison ivy on the golf course, well, they just get some good exercise and nothing happens. Would I go looking for Jack the Ripper. Naw... I'll pass on that little game.

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