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Being Shy

A secret… I am an introvert of the intuitive dreaming type. Recently I shared my personal blog with a friend and had an interesting response. They said “I have enjoyed your blog. You are very insightful and creative, even more than what's revealed in person and I thank you endlessly for sharing!”. This brought a smile to my face and prompted me to respond with a seemingly strange sentence. I said “I'm very shy in person!”. Tis true! Even my photography, as active as it is, is shy in a way when you compare it to nitty-gritty up close and personal portrait photography. I don’t do much portrait stuff. Do I want to? Sure! Do I want to dance with all the popular dancers? Sure! I don’t because I do seem to have a shy side and have for years. So, the next time you see me being aloof, consider that introverted me is shy and would love to dance or speak to you. Reach and out and you might be surprised and I would be delighted.
Tags: introvert, introverted, shy

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