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Intiutive Comment Flashback

I found a blog entry that I entered way back in October of 2006.  It speaks to the paradox of trust and human behavior and how intuition helps mediate the insanity... until my emotions intrude!  An update... I still struggle with the past!

From October of 2006:

Can we trust others? Consider the following "truths":

1) People are inherently selfish. Some of them very much so.
2) Spidey senses are valid when the intuition is properly plugged into the world
3) The things we find most distressing about others (i.e. being untrustworthy) are often manifestations of how we see ourselves.
4) Emotional memories can last longer than intellectual memories.

What does that say about us human type people? We are confused paradoxes.

How does this fit together? I've found that acknowledging my human weakness (#3) mellows me to the asses that other people can be (#1). The Spidey senses (#2) help me get through situations that are black-n-white (like what is???). It's #4 that still kicks me in the butt, and this is what I struggle with. I do OK with current relationships. I take the lumps with those who have "wronged" me in the past. Forgive? Maybe. Forget? I'll think about it. That's what my emotional side says.
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