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The Timing of Photography

It is my experience that photography, both still and video, is often underestimated in regards to freezing time. In the present moment the photography of individuals does not seem terribly special. They are there aren't they? Even a short time afterwards, say days, weeks or even months, the photographs seem to be an unnecessary redundancy to actual reality. Why have a picture when the individuals are present, easily contacted or seen in person?

This illusion of timelessness vanishes as the moment continues on. People move away, pass away, or just generally change. It becomes more apparent that the photography has captured something that cannot be reproduced in the present moment. The magic has begun.

I believe this is important to remember. I takes LOTS of photos and capture lots of people in moments of togetherness and joy. Like I said, this seems mundane or redundant in this moment. I have to wonder if the magic has happened yet for those who have been touched by the timelessness of my photography. What do you think?
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