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Finding Happiness in Life

Happiness in life can be as simple as a fulfilling meals, shelter and a restful bed. It can also be allusive as our unhappy thoughts, haunting inward worlds that offer little happiness. The irony of life is that the former, the physical, is easier to attain than the former. The physical can seem to fall short no matter what we do if our thoughts do not match the peacefulness available by our physical gain, big or small.

What to do??? Think with your heart, feel with your mind. I find this mantra, reinforced by an accompanying hand mudras, calms myself and puts life into a clearer perspective. Happiness seems closer. The haunting thoughts are pushed back. What does this mean? From Yahoo Answers...

I would say, do not be carried away by your emotions if you are feeling anger or lust or desire for someone. Think about the possibilities of your actions if you just act on your feelings. Ask yourself questions about this. As for feel with your mind, I would say that one should not be without feeling, just analyzing everything and not feeling compassion or love or anything but letting your mind oversee everything. Instead, allow your mind to feel compassion or love without acting impulsively.
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