Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

My Personal Blind Spot

I seem to be suffering from age elitism. Why? A FB friend pointed us to a blog entry entitled "What SEXY-CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE Women NEED and DON’T WANT from MEN". It is a long blog entry written by a twenty-three year old woman. Insightful and sharing? Yes, absolutely. BUT... yeah, there is the but. It has that ring that I am associating with people who are wise before their time, and their wisdom smells of spiritual one-up-manship. Sadly this is just be the three fingers pointing back at me.

OK... let's explore this. This seems to be an exhaustive reflection on awakening women not needing weak men. She defines awakened women as:

we (awakened women) have evolved through enormous effort and courage to confront the tumultuous waters of our own emotional landscape and social conditioning. Women like us are not entitled or self righteous, we are confident and love ourselves. Don’t mistake self-love and self-care for selfish. Women like us are not selfish, we just have boundaries, and we trust our intuition.

I can buy that! This would be my definition of any spiritually awakened person. Cool.

What is the polar opposite of the awakened woman? Emotionally crippled men are. The blog states:

Emotionally stunted MEN are an epidemic in our culture. A lot of these emotionally stunted guys have awesome personalities, cause they’re cool in every other way than how they choose to deal with their emotions.

Ok. I can buy that too. The author further states the danger signs of emotionally stunted men and gives them ways that they can improve. Her final words are pretty powerful:

Right now, I’m pioneering a path to empower a new breed of women. Women who can stand in their power and be enough for themselves, so that they stop hurting themselves unintentionally. Men will always be a problem, they’re men, but I think that the heart of a woman’s issues is her own worth. If you stop looking outside of yourself and start looking at how you create your reality you have to ask yourself what you are and aren’t willing to put up with?

No man on this planet is worth half the heart ache you feel. The right ones take care of you and don’t fuck with you and you need to gravitate toward those kinds of men with all your heart. If you don’t know when to trust yourself or how to trust yourself and love yourself to choose better, ask yourself these 3 things:

1). Do I feel good about myself around this person?

2). Does this person serve my highest good?

3). Does this person treat me with respect and compassion?

If you answer NO to any of these questions: GET THE FUCK OUT!

Wow... I can respect that. OK. Time for me to man up. I do seem to be suffering from elitism. Kelly Marceau hit some nails on the head and I respect her for that. I am fortunate that I've found an awakened woman who puts up with me and my struggle to become less emotionally stunted!  I also have some fabo women friends online and in person (or both!) who kick spiritual butt so I am blessed for sure. Lucky me!
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