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Love to Dream

I really like to dream, and I mean the sleeping type when I say that.  While I remember few details from the majority of my dreams, they are a welcome diversion from the waking life.  Why?  For one, I don't have the aches and pains of waking life.  My dreams are populated with a diverse group of people I don't know in waking life.  Very few people from my waking life ever show up in my dreams.  My adventures in my dreams are often mundane, but some are pretty interesting.  I see a lot of interesting places that would be interesting to photograph.  There are some dreamscapes that I seem to return to again and again. These have some wonderfully distressed buildings.  

My dreams tell me that I'm not an introvert through and through.  There are just too many people in my dreams for that to be a truth.  I've got to think that my dreams help keep me sane, and they are beneficial to my future health.
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