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Strange Visitation

Ok... this is going to be really weird, but I swear it is true.  Last night (01/04/13) I was up in Asheville at a techno contra dance.  I got finished with the dance, it ran a little late, so I called my lovely wife to let her know I'd get home a little later than expected.  It is about an hour and a half drive from Asheville to Pickens.  I look at my phone and see that she called five or six times.  I immediately called her and found out that something very strange had happened.

She said that a little after 10:00 PM I had shown up at the house.  Physically I was still in Asheville.  I asked her to promise to call me and tell me to be very careful going home, especially at stop signs.  She knew something was off because our little dog Lokie was jumping at me, but falling through my body.  I then turned and walked out of the room.  She of course was freaked.  She made the call, left a message, and then called several times after that. 

I did make it home OK.  No weird events.  I was careful and did not see anything that almost got me.  We discussed it when I got home and decided that somehow I had visited.  Why?  Well, a straight-up hallucination was ruled out because the dog was reacting to me and a couple of the cats even acted like I had shown up.    I was not dressed in my usual jacket.  The dog did jump up on me but the body was not corporal.  While some part of me has spoken to my wife in her dreams, this was the first time that I had shown in such a real looking way.

Very strange... any ideas on what happened here guys?  We both believe enough / know enough about psychic type things to believe this, but this is the first time this has happened to us.
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