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Being Pychic as Just a Tool

I have some other blogs I want to write about being psychic, but today I just want to talk about how being psychic boils down to being a tool of life. In some ways it is as important, or not important, as being tall or hearing perfect pitch, or having a good memory. Being psychic brings benefits, but it does not create a super life automatically. Why? I have a provocative answer.

The reason being psychic doesn't translate into riches or fame is that we are all human. Our human nature gets in the way of living up to any potential. Very intuitive people can also be very sensitive. Some part of them cannot embrace a certain mercenary angle that lends itself to advancement. IMO the intuitive life makes other people more human, and in that place I difficult to "take advantage" of being psychic.

Being psychic should be used to get through life. Used? Yes! Misused? Nah, but sometimes it is. That's a story for another blog. What do you think about a psychic's life?
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