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Other Types of Beauty

I've been thinking more about the aspects of beauty. There are the classic "biological and societal" versions. Then there are the other versions that scream "beauty" even though they exist outside of the norm. I believe there are two other aspects of life that can evoke beauty.

The first is emotional. A middle aged woman holding a hot apple pie can seem extremely beautiful because it evokes memories of doting mother. A wedding picture can seem beautiful even if the people are wearing gowns outlawed by the fashion police. Simple photos can lack the hallmarks of "sexy" and "glamour", but still strike a strong cord in our hearts.

The second is the extreme. Familiar images are transposed or put out of normal reference. The result is a haunting element that impresses us as beautiful. The elements, by themselves, would be mundane or not classically beautiful. The aggregation is more than the sum of its parts. A really good photographer can imagine the extreme and produce it for their audience.

I strive of some of both. Neither is terribly easy and I relish finding these kinds of beauty.
Tags: beauty, emotion, extreme

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