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Some Thoughts on Alignment

My characters when I played D&D. I guess I am less enthralled with order now. I still play naughty characters in computer games.

Lawful Neutral

Lawful neutral combines reliability and honor, without moral bias.

Lawful neutral characters are directed by law, logic, tradition, or personal code. Order and organization are paramount to them. They may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government.

This does not mean that Lawful Neutral characters are amoral or immoral, or do not have a moral compass; but simply that their moral considerations come a distant second to what their code, tradition or law dictates.

A functionary, soldier, or employee who follows orders without question regardless of the result; an arms dealer who sells wares to the highest bidder, whatever that bidder may do with them; and an impartial jurist who sticks rigidly to the rule book are all examples of lawful neutral characters.

How I probably run my life now. The shamanic path has bended me this way.

Druidic True Neutral

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, all druids were true neutral. The true neutral alignment is central to the philosophy of neutral druids.

This is because a druid's main charges — plants, animals, and the health of the planetary ecology — essentially lack alignment or ethos. Therefore, druids can feel free to use almost any means necessary to protect them.

The druidic order works to maintain the natural balance among the alignments. However, druids do realize that the actions of others — including their own — will prove significant to the cosmic balance. The druid sees the friction between alignments as the driving force in the world.

When faced with a tough decision, a druid usually stands behind the solution that best serves nature in the long run.
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