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Big Stuff Done

Today I made a really big move at work.  I've worked with a certain department for years, writing software used by themselves and the plant.  The manager of the group has been helpful, but I had to push a lot of the initiatives in the face of the manager's reluctance.  Things have gotten really weird recently with the same manager having core job competency issues.  They are also in real danger of running off their right and left hand assistant.

Today I pushed forward a plan that would move the manager into a lesser position and elevate myself over the assistant and the initiatives of the department.  These duties would be in addition to my regular duties, but they are things I've been doing outside of my duties already, just in an unofficial way.  I the plan by my boss and the assistant.  My boss did not kill it right away and asked for a description of everyone's new job duties.  I've supplied that and now I am waiting for what will happen next. 

Yep, big stuff.  We'll see were this goes.
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