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Letting Go Gracefully

My friend say… I need a lesson in letting go gracefully. Without all these messy emotions and fear smothering me with doubt.

They asked my opinion and I shared my $.02.

"""Goodness... lessons that aren't messy, especially when they involve letting go. I don't know if that is possible. Been there, done that. Ok... here is my $.02. Letting often involves emotions, lots of emotions. A strong connection, one worth having at the moment, will imbue you with strong emotions. The situation becomes a wound spring with energy that has to go somewhere. The only "non-messy" aspect exist if you manage to let go without unduly involving the other person. What is unduly? This takes on so many forms. An unrequited connection? No action is required on the other person's part. Heavy involvement on both ends? That can be complicated and the how-to depends on the involved people's emotional level and commitment.

I'm going to dribble on for a bit more here, but I appreciate that you are tackling this in your life! Its tough, darn tough. Here's the scoop on emotions. 99% of emotions are yours under normal circumstances. The good and bad news is that you have the power to process them. The good news is that you have the power to do it. With power comes responsibility, and that's the bad news. Others cannot live your emotions for you, not truly. A person can project them onto others, but that is only a temporary affair. It may even work for one letting go situation, but they will rebound even worst when another situation manifests with the same challenges, and another situation will come around. Why? Emotions are a powerful by-product of who we are at our core. Emotions are a resource that comes and comes and comes. Good news and bad news again. Do you not want a particular emotion? Look to your core. You have the power and the responsibility.
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