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I am listening to the new Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child book "White Fire". I am a big fan of the Pendergast series of books. I do have one complaint. The heroine of the book is a gal named Corrie Swanson. Much of the book is from her perspective. She is all impulsive action and no intuition, and that is what bothers me. I pretty much live my life by intuition. Corrie, by contrast, does not. The result is a series of "perils of Pauline" situations that grate on my nerves. The last part of the book is a series of rationalizations by Corrie that she is not REALLY in danger and everything will be OK if she manages to get herself further and further into trouble. Oh yeah? With all of that said, it would be a boring book if Corrie sat her butt in safety because intuition told her to give the authors the finger.
Tags: inutition, pendergast

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