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Licking a Filter

Seeing people in a particular light can be a useful reference.  If a person is a habitual liar, than it is useful to consider whatever they say as a lie.  If a person is habitually lazy, than it is useful to consider them lazy.  I suppose this is called profiling.  We put people into boxes and these boxes allow us to streamline our understanding of the world.

This profiling, while useful, can also be blinding.  I've run into this at work.  A coworker is having difficulties doing their job and it smacks of a cognitive issue.  Enough things have happened that this is almost a given.  BUT, is it?   There is evidence of their inability to do the job, but too much focus on this creates a self fulfilling reality, even if it is only in my mind.  This dosen't mean that I'm making it up.  There is a group agreement that our coworker is struggling with something, that their job performance is suffering, and something seems to be broken.  

My next challenge is to continue to observe my coworker for more issues of competency while giving them credit for doing their job adequately.  It is not easy.  Profiling has a way of running away with itself and this is becoming an interesting journey.
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