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Coming to Grips With Vampire Fear

I used to have dreams of being chased by vampires. Back in August of 1999 that changed. I had a dream that brought me comfort because I became the thing that I had spent so much energy running from. Here is the dream from a file dated 8/26/1999:

It began my with my working at a plant/business. There was a Vampire working at the plant, and it did not bother me most of the time. However, it was a weekend and I was to go in and do some rewiring and/or computer checking. I knew the Vampire was there, and that he was not going to easily let me do my work and leave untouched. I had visions of trying to get to an outside door while being toyed with by the Vampire. So, I decided not to go to work.

I returned home during the daytime. Nighttime fell. I was playing with cameras. A manual camera became automatic with a flash. I went outside and started flashing what seemed to be more Vampires. They were afraid of the light. I’m not sure why I initially went outside. When I returned, the Vampires were in the house, and everyone was converted. It was clear my time as a human was up. I asked the Vampire who was going to bite me to do it gently. He laughed and bit my neck.

I “woke up” as a Vampire in a cafeteria. There were tables and a food serving line. I did not feel different. I saw my father. He was dressed in a black gentleman’s suit. Very business gothe. When I got into line there was a women next to me who was sad about becoming a Vampire. I told her that just because she was a Vampire, it did not mean that she was bad/evil. We moved through the line. When I got to the end, I paid for my meal and about a dozen others. I had a blue card that was taken as payment. I was apparently in charge of a small band of Vampires. They seemed like the more human variety.

We took our seats, and began to talk. It seemed that the Southern hemisphere was not Vampire yet. There were problems anticipated with oil or such. The issue was pressed home that I was Vampire, and the Vampire “race” was embattled, and ready to do what was necessary to survive. Somebody said they felt really different and their memories were not right. I said I did not feel that way. The person then asked me a series of questions about who I was, what I did for a job, and so on. They then asked me what I was going to do about my brother/friend who was not a Vampire. The brother/friend was sneaking into the house through a door in the back and hiding. I said I would avoid that area of the house, and give the brother/friend plenty of time to get away when I came into the house.
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