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Altered States of Consciousness - Part 2

The purpose of this series of blog entries is to review the concept of what consciousness is, how consciousness is altered, and how the shaman uses the shift.

The Nature of Reality

What is reality? If consciousness – both waking and subconscious – are viewing reality, what are they viewing? The answer lies in the thought that the world of the shaman is very much like the world of the child. In the child’s world everything is alive and everything responds to their desires. They are connected to all things, or at the least, they desire to be connected. The mythology of childhood, the stories and entertainment, support this way of thinking through everything in the world talking and interacting. Journeys to other realities and communication with the inhabitants of those realities are common. Magic is the norm when the hero or heroine of the story is in danger. This is the waking world of the child. This world is later transformed to a more practical world. A world of predictable mechanics is introduced, and believing is seeing. A thing must be demonstrated as “real” before it can be believed and integrated as part of the consciousness.

The world of the child and shaman works in an opposite way from the mechanistic predictive world. They see what they believe. The world is the outcome of what the conscious wishes to perceive. Instead of a dead world that is measured, the shaman has a live world that responds to the desired measurements. Here magic is possible and will happen. This is the magic of the shaman and that of modern quantum physics in juxtaposition.

We in the Western cultures live in a world that unknowingly straddles the adult’s and the child’s thinking. We want to believe everything is cause and effect, but at the same time life continuously manifests through our conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts. People and events work out how we perceive them to be. A happy outlook results in a happy day. A sad outlook results in a sad day. We loose track of this and measure the outcome, unaware that we had a hand in creating it. When we measure the outcome, and ignore the triggers, we become victims and loose power. The manifestation of events in our lives become the pawns of outside forces. A viscous cycle begins as we believe in a destiny directed by things “outside” of ourselves. The reality of the situation is directed by our thoughts and the perception is rewarded with a matching outcome to those thoughts. This reinforces the perception of victimhood, and the cycle builds until we are seemingly powerless. The magic of the child’s thinking is subverted by the adult’s thinking.

Why does this happen? It happens because we are not aware of the power that our thoughts have. We are not aware that the world responds to us. The ego, that part of us that builds a “safe” reality, builds a box that our intellect and emotions are trapped. Does this mean that the magic is gone? No. The true, alive, and responsive reality is outside the box and has never left. It only waits for we, as adults, to rediscover it.


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