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Altered States of Consciousness - Conclusion (Part 5)

The purpose of this series of blog entries is to review the concept of what consciousness is, how consciousness is altered, and how the shaman uses the shift.


Altered consciousness is the connection of conscious and subconscious. Interestingly, this connection itself can be subconscious and the results can box a person into victimhood relative to the world. The shamanic student or the student of life recognizes this and dissolves the boxes of the ego. They live in a growing state of awareness. In this awareness the world responds to their wishes. The synchronicity of the inner and outer working together in harmony is recognized. Power is aided by tools and knowledge that link worlds and energies. The tools and energies are not the destination, and outcome for the shaman is a topic for another paper. Be content with knowing that there is a process and the process is very flexible. The process of altered consciousness only asks for one thing: Believe.

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