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Books as Gateways and the History of Breasts

One of the reasons I love books is that they offer gateways into some really diverse ways of thinking. They were the primary intellectual gateway prior to the internet. This weekend I found the book "From the Monotremes to the Madonna: A Study of the Breast in Culture and Religion" in a local antique mall.   WOW.  Seriously, the book is about the breast.  I did some research on the internet and found our that the author, Fabius Zachary Snoop, is credited with the publication of two books, one of which I am now the proud owner!

From the monotremes to the Madonna : a study of the breast in culture and religion by Fabius Zachary Snoop ( Book )

Reproduction and sexual evolution from the protozoa to the primates: a popular explanation by Fabius Zachary Snoop ( Book )

I have the 1928 publication of the American edition.    A Biblimania entry has a contemporary review of the book:

Preceded by the London edition. Snoop, if that indeed was his name, was also the author of "Reproduction and Sexual Evolution from the Protozoa to the Primates." According to the contemporary review in "The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis" the "author, who evidently possesses a very undisciplined mind, is extremely interested in the subject of breasts and has culled from various sources a mass of data bearing on all possible aspects of the subject. It is this data, here collected together in a convenient form, which gives the book any value it may possess"

Value?  Yes... maybe.

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