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The Light and Dark of Small Tribes

Faithful Word Baptist Church is once again in the news.  The pastor ordered his female congregational members to not speak during services.  He quoted quoting 1 Timothy 2:11, “[l]et the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”  My $.02 is that this is an example of the powerful of small tribes.

Small tribes can ask a lot of their members.  Things can be said, actions can be committed, and the outside world is none the wiser.  Pastor Anderson is being called out for "controlling" his flock.  Some people can't understand why the members of the congregation would go along with Anderson's request.  Well, it happens.   Some people called out Christians for putting up with the predicts of their leaders.  I'm here to say that Christians are not the only ones impacted by small tribes.

Pagans feel it too.  Pagan groups tend to be small and insular .  They look to themselves for comfort and guidance.  This is a trait shared by Christian groups like Faithful Word Baptist Church.  The outcome can be the same.  I've heard the stories, some from my very own lovely wife, of the power and influence leaders of small pagan groups.  Does this make them bad, or Anderson bad?  Nah... just human.  The leaders provide guidance and the tribe returns allegiance.  The insular size keeps prying eyes away.  Incredible things can happen. Terrible things can happen. 

My continued $.02 is that small groups should be approached with caution, embraced for what they can provide, and walked away when things get weird.  Embrace the light, retreat from the dark.

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