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Death Contra... WTF???

I came across a very disturbing thing while researching techno contra. Did you know there was such a thing as “death contra”? A Seattle News Express article by Authur L. Carter says that death contra is the combination of death metal and contra dancing.  What is Death Metal?  Here is a sample.   I'm all for pushing contra dancing to new places, but this is too much. On top of that, the creator of death contra, Lars Von Trier, is supposed to be from the NC / SC area!   Lars is quoted saying “Death contra is not family friendly. We indulge heavily”. This is not where I want contra to go!

The Seattle News Express website also has an interview with Lars Von Trier, supposedly "exploring the faces of Lars as we look at the man and the music.".   I found this to be especially disturbing given that Lars is breaking new ground in contra dancing... really bad ground.   And, he hates cats.  How can you trust somebody who hates cats?  I don't know.

Tags: dancing, death contra, death metal, lars von trier

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