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Cynical Thoughts on Perfection

A lovely spiritual friend of mine posted an inspirational saying that started with “I know there is a spiritual center within me that is perfect” (from This Thing Called You). It went from there. I dislike being cynical, but I have to ask, “and?”. Our higher selves / spiritual center point may be perfect, but we humans live in an imperfect world.

The saying does have a place if the purpose is to remind us that we can strive towards a zero point of perfection versus giving into the waking world. The unsilver lining to this is that repeated focus on the unattainable can lead to frustration or a desire to leave humanity.

My impressions are backed up by a discussion with my guides. They say that there is a place of perfection within us. They also say that it is also largely alien to us as we exist in another plane / vibration. We remember enough of it to remain sane, but obsession with the place of perfection is not recommended.

A last thought, my shamanic background leads me to believe a lot of wild things. It does not lead me to believe that we are perfect beings trapped in an imperfect shell. Life, both corporeal and incorporeal, is imperfect in some way. Why? Perfection is a singularity on a duality. Perfection does not exist by itself. The existence of absolutely perfect beings opens the door to the existence of absolutely imperfect beings. The truth is somewhere in the messy middle. My shamanic background speaks to relating to ourselves and others in a way that is harmonious, not perfect.

I once read a fantasy book that had the hero encountering the ultimate expressions of law and chaos. Neither was appealing. Law was completely still, frozen in a semblance of death. There was no possibility for action because action disturbed stasis that was ultimate law. On the other hand, ultimate chaos was a sea of always changing forms, with no anchor of stability. Discussions about ultimate law and ultimate chaos lead me to think of the untenable realities of ultimates, including concepts of perfection.
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