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Polite Psychics

A friend of mine is having some difficulties.  I thought about peering over their shoulder psychically, but decided not to because it just is not polite, nor is it safe.  This blog is about the ethics and safety of psychic reading.

I can do some pretty wiz-bang stuff in the psychic area.  I have the potential to do a lot, but I mostly just use intuition to guide myself through the day.  I am willing to read a person if their world is bumping into mine, but the focus is on me instead of them.  I hold back on the wiz-bang stuff until I am asked, or given permission, to psychically read a person.

Why hold back?  Wouldn’t it be really neat to know what people are thinking or what their motivations are?  Yeah, about as neat as reading their mail or listening in on their phone conversations.   That is to say, it would be more creepy than neat.  There are also some very practical reasons why the intuitive person should mind their manners!

  • People have all kinds of shields.  Some are benign, some are not.  The benign shields hide the person from psychic thought.  Another variety bounces the intuitive probe to a nearby person.  You get information, but it is the wrong info.  More rarely, but still possible, are the defensive shields that have some “bite”.  You don’t get the information and you get a unpleasant surprise. 
  • Some people are readable, but you really don’t want to go there. Think about swimming in toxic waste.   My heart goes out to paid psychics who have to dive into some awfully murky waters.  Energetically separating yourself from a querent is serious business. 
  • A variant of the shields plus icky people:  some people have “beings” around them that would love to mess with the intuitive.  Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries guys.  If you’ve met these you know what I mean.  If you haven’t, well count yourself lucky.
  • My personal opinion: there are some levels of psychic information that is only available with the cooperation of the querent.  They have to give you permission. 
  • You may learn stuff that you really don’t want to know.  The thing once seen cannot be unseen.  This happens even when people given their permission.  With their permission, I was reading a friend recently and saw some things that I chose not to repeat.    The information was pretty nasty and I am not infallible, so I chose to give it a pass. 
  • Finally, psychic readers, even really good ones, are fallible.  They will misread a querent for any number of good reasons.    Another variety of this is that the information is good, but the interpretation is bad.  A psychic reader has their own experience as a filter, and there are people with lives so different that the interpretation is faulty.  It is good to be able to talk with a querent so situations like this can be sorted out.  Blind reading does not offer the opportunity to correct psychic misinterpretations.

That’s a start.  Can you think of any points to add?  Do you disagree with any of my points?  Feedback please!

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