Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Out of the Dance Closet

Many of us live in closets of a various types. A recent experience on Facebook pointed this out.   I recently photographed at a swing dance event. Today I found out that a girl got in trouble because of my pictures. The story is a sad example of why closets exist. A mother saw a picture and thought her daughter had attended the event.

The girl's parents are heavy Baptist and have told her many things, including threatened to end her job because they thought she was there in the photos even though she was not. The girl's car was taken, she is not allowed to see anyone, and she has been banned from going to her first ball, Her mother told her outright she is no longer a Christian as well.

Swing dance is good clean fun with a minimum of sexual innuendo when compared to most dancing. Still, dancing is evil to the girl's parents. They must have suspected that he girl was capable of doing it if a misidentification was possible. Was she really not there? I don't know, but I do suspect that a closet was opened because of the pictures.

Tags: closet, dance, photography

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