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Biased Views - Fox News As Example

I found the text below on the "Fair and Balanced" page of RationalWiki (

This is so true. While it is fun to point fingers at Fox News, and they deserve a few, bias is an ailment that can strike most anybody. So, for your consideration:

As with many media outlets with a strong political view, Fox News sees the "mainstream" media as highly biased to a liberal viewpoint and even politically moderate media as liberally biased. (This is understandable, because it is almost impossible to view something as unbiased when you, yourself, have a bias. It's also difficult to recognize a bias when you actually agree with it.) It tries to counteract this perceived bias by "balancing" the news. In practice, this results in a massive swing to the political right, with Fox News being unashamedly biased towards presenting right-wing politics as good and liberal politics as the work of Satan himself. The term "Fair and Balanced" acts as a smokescreen to hide the obvious bias from its viewers.
I would also add that the term "Fair and Blanced" affirms the bias of its loyal (conservative) viewers. It is a feel-good term that allows the viewers comfortably exist in their own bias beliefs.
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