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Being a Hipster

Today I saw a meme about being a hipster...

I thought the blog was about the hair style (extra points for beard!), retro glasses, t-shirt and suspenders. SO HIP, and getting a lot more prevalent. Everything old is new again.  I commented that I was hipster before it was hip! It's time to break out the clothes that have been in my closet for decades. Everything old is new again!

Shoot, one of the benefits of being old(er) is seeing fashions come back around (and around?). The "Hipster Peer Pressure" pic demonstrates a lot of trends that are coming back around. Others I've noticed: big hair, short socks, tall glasses, and my favorite... red lipstick (love it!),

I created my own meme

I then posted a picture from a few years back...

Now I am being told that the original hipster photo looks just like your profile picture! Joy!

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