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Top 10 Warning Signs for Contra Abuse or Addiction

The Center for the Prevention of Contra Abuse offers the following signs that you or loved ones can look for that may indicate a problem with contra dancing.

1) Increased tolerance, dancing more to get same effect or dancing same amount and not getting desired result. It is common for individuals contra to grow tolerant to the effects of their once a weekend dancing. Dance weekends are sought out to fill the increased tolerance. If you or someone you know has increased the frequency of dancing, this could indicate addiction.

2) Friends and family members concerned about behavior. Changes in a person’s normal behavior can be a sign of dependency. New clothes or shoes will be purchased. A shift to contra will pull them away from activities previously engaged in on week and weekend nights.

3) Changes in a person’s normal behavior can be a sign of dependency. Shifts in energy, mood, and concentration may occur as every day responsibilities become secondary to the need for the relief the dancing provides.

4) Using despite consequences. A contra dancing person will continue to use regardless of impact in the rest of their life.

5) Inability to stop using on your own. A contra dancing person may have tried to quit on their own, many times. However, the brain chemistry and the changes that dancing have on this chemistry, may prevent successful termination of contra dancing.

6) Physical withdrawal when not using. Because of dancing affect on the brain, physical withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, and sometimes complete boredom can occur without medical intervention.

7) Change of behavior around non-dancers. As the need for the contra continues, an addicted person may resort to atypical behaviors that will enable them to gain access to the contra dancing. A contra dependent individual may even begin to associate with other dependent people in an effort to seem more normal or even in an attempt to seek more dancing sources.

8) Obsessed with using and planning next use. An addicted person may spend an inordinate amount of time planning or gaining access to more dancing experiences. This could include arranging car pools, visiting many contra venues, and participating in dance weekends.

9) Giving up hobbies and interests due to using. An addicted person will typically lose interest in their normal activities.

10) Encourage others to contra dance as a way of validating their addiction. Recruitment of large groups is not unknown. Sharing contradancing only leads to more contradancing.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any or all of these symptoms, there may be a problem. Call a contradance intervention center now, or just start contradancing so you can see what you're missing!
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