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Degree Concerns

A friend of mine posted the following on Facebook:

"For a while now, I've been marking a (to me) disturbing trend in conversations regarding college education. Namely: open season on anyone who graduates with a degree in the humanities. Has anyone else noticed this?"

Friends commented, sharing that they had the same experience. I have to admit that I graduated 25 years ago with a non-humanities degree. I still had a thought that I had to share. Some of the people may sharing good natured concerns. It's not that they are being evil or malicious, or even mean spirited. Instead they are concerned for their friend / relative / etc. Something to think about. People read websites like this one geared to grandparents: .  Does this mean that a humanities degree is open to derision? It may earn less, on average, but if a person is doing what they love, and enjoys their life, than everybody else needs to take a step back.

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