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The Seduction of Labels

I recently saw an article that listed the call-signs of being a highly sensitive person (HSP). I’ve seen this kind of evaluation before. I appreciate evaluations, but I am also wary of them. Popular evaluations almost always make explain away our faults while making us feel special. I believe that this does us a disfavor as the message of such evaluations feeds the ego and not the soul. Why??? These evaluations are based on groups, and our soul is uniquely our own.

My birthday is June 20th, very near the Summer Solstice. In the past a friend of mine remarked, "oh, you must be a person with qualities of X (I can't remember what those qualities were) because of the time of year you were born." Let’s suppose I am "special" because of my birthday. I can probably find a book that explains why it’s so. But is that really why I am special? We are all special in some way. We have talents, hang-ups, abilities and liabilities. It’s nice to have a story to explain why I am special. Beware! Evaluation based stories are group based, and they merely feed the ego as we become the hero of our own story. Our special abilities are glorified and our faults are explained away.

I say these stories are just labels. Labels tell us where we are good and bad. They accentuate the good and excuse the bad. They empower the good, and where necessary, permit the bad because “it is all in the script of the story”. The sweeping generalizations of the labels can become as dogmatic as the sweeping generalizations and expectations of organized religion or politics. We are told something like “You will always have a quick temper because you have red hair”. Bolderdash. Our souls deserve better.

It is OK to have labels. It is OK to label oneself as an introvert or a highly sensitive person. The catch is that a label is only a reference, not us. To be more clear, a label, such as highly sensitive person, is the map and not the journey. Life is not lived through labels. Our soul is not a label. Life is about much more. Labels are merely a tool and not the outcome of our existence. Just as the map is not to be confused with the journey, the labels of specialness are not to be confused with the true potential of our lives.
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