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It is In The Script

I enjoy watching CSI Miami. Overall, the stories are intriguing, and the lead women actors are quite attractive. This enjoyment comes with a price, sometimes steep. I find myself completely disengaging my thinking brain, the one that figures out the realities of time-space continuums. The watching of the show demands that I engage a willing suspension of disbelief, meaning that I believe the use of fantastic or non-realistic elements. The simple way to say this is that I believe “it's in the script”.

Why do shows like CSI Miami push the limits of reality, and why do I go along with it? The answers are intriguing because they point to the larger picture of how we relate to the world. The screenwriters for CSI Miami push the implausible story lines in order to spin out a quick story. They need a story that is both action packed, enjoyable, and quick. The real world is rarely all three. Check out “The First 48” if you want to see more true police work. The REAL stories of police work are a long series of “hurry up and wait” moments, have lots of frustrating moments, and are very rarely quick to conclusion.

This brings us to larger picture. Our minds struggle against the grind of reality. We crave excitement, but only want it in manageable chunks. We would love to live some glam version of life, and we do get this in small segments. Living for the weekend / holiday / whatever becomes the norm. What if that is not enough? The really creative escape occurs when life transcends the grind of reality when we start creating our own willing suspension of belief. Getting by becomes easier when we live in a life constructed from fantastic or non-realistic elements. We know the non-reality is there, but it is ignored in order to have peace with the rest of the script.

Reality is tough. Truly living is tough. I applaud my friends who pull off real living. I suspect that most of the time I am in my personal CSI Miami. My excuse? It is in the script.

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