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The Challenge of Being an (Introverted) Extrovert

There has been a lot written about the difficulties of being an introvert.  This is come in the form of well thought out articles and memes.   I’ve never quite connected to them, even while I seemed to have big introverted hallmarks.  I made sense of things when I discovered the concept of the introverted extrovert (aka shy extrovert!).  I extrovert pretty good when I step out of my shell.  I don’t mind speaking or teaching to groups.  I enjoy group activities.  I dream about groups, and socialize online, but typically not one-on-one. 

So what difficulties might I face?  A Thought Catalog article (6 Things Every Extrovert Secretly Has To Deal With) laid out six challenges to being an extrovert.  I can relate to most of these, and find the list to be a fascinating examination of challenges I’ve had in the past.  Thankfully my lovely wife understands my nature, and allows me to indulge it.  So, for those bold extroverts and shy extroverts…

1. People will often assume you ‘re flirting
2. You’re not allowed to be sad
3. You’re expected to keep the conversation going
4. Being labeled as shallow or unintellectual because you’re not an introvert
5. Craving the company of others
6. People assuming you are always confident

This list really hits home when I think back to when dear friends have told me, “but you seem so confident”.  Razzle dazzle and all that stuff.  We struggle too.


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