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Angels, Grace, and Humanity

"God enveloped humanity with his grace, and the angels wept with jealousy". My lovely wife and I recently watched Constantine, a 2005 American supernatural action-thriller film. The underlying premise of the move was that the angel Gabriel lamented God’s favoritism towards humans and believed that bringing Hell to Earth will enable those who survive to become truly worthy of God’s love through repentance and faith. This reminded me of the 1995 movie The Prophecy, starring the wonderful Christopher Watkins. The premise of The Prophecy was a second war in Heaven, instigated by a group of angels who refused to accept God's elevation of man over all other creatures, including angels.

The common theme of the two movies is a judgmental unacceptance of the Grace of the Divine extended to humanity. Grace was seen as an unjustified love, and the angels in both movies sought to either harshly “prove” or remove humanity’s position from the Divine’s favor. The respective angels in the movies could very well be the people in our shared reality. There is human judgment extended to fellow mankind, judgment based on the perceived unworthiness of the recipients of the Divine’s protection and guidance.

What is this thing called Grace that movie angels and real people rail against? Grace can be defined as “the love and mercy given to us by the Divine because the Divine desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it". People make the personal choice to receive this grace or not. No amount of judgment from the critics may remove the application of grace in our lives once it is embraced.

The filmmakers give us an opportunity to see ourselves as the jealous angels, railing against the grace of the Divine imbued upon our fellow mankind. The filmmakers cast a cautionary note as their angelic characters are struck down from their judgmental roles. Do not weep in jealously, lest one lose their own connection with the Divine.
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