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Rules of Grace

I’ve tweaked some excellent material from, and offer up thoughts about the nature of grace, the proper attitude of humanity under grace, and what gracious souls discover.

The Nature of Grace
• Grace is the Divine acting freely, according to its own nature as Love; with no promises or obligations to fulfill.
• Grace therefore, is uncaused in the recipient: its cause lies wholly in the giver, in the Divine.
• Not having debts to pay, or fulfilled conditions on man’s part to wait for, it can act toward whom, and how, it pleases. It can, and does, often, place the worst deservers in the highest favors.
• Grace cannot act where there is either desert or ability: Grace does not help – it is absolute, it does all.
• There being no cause in the creature why grace should be shown, the creature must be brought off trying to give cause receive grace.
• The discovery by the creature that he is truly the object of Divine grace, works the utmost humility: for the receiver of grace is brought to know his own humanity: yet he finds himself blessed – on another principle outside of himself!
• Therefore, flesh has no place in the plan of Grace. This is the great reason why grace is hated by the proud natural mind of man.
• The failure of particular devotion does not cause the withdrawal of bestowed grace (as it would under law). Condemnation by the world does not remove Divinely imbued grace.

The Proper Attitude of Humanity under Grace
• To believe, and consent to be loved while struggling with the burdens of humanity, is the great secret.
• To expect to be blessed.
• To testify of the power of love, at all times.

Things Which Gracious Souls Discover
• To “hope to be better” is to fail to see yourself in the potential of Grace.
• To be disappointed with yourself is to have believed in the limitations of yourself.
• To be discouraged is unbelief in the purpose and plan of the Divine
• The lack of Divine blessing comes from unacceptance of grace, and not from failure of devotion.
• Real devotion to the Divine arises, not from man’s will to show it but from the discovery that blessing has been received from Divine even as we struggle in our humanity.
• To preach devotion first and blessing second, is to reverse the Divine’s order, and preach law, not grace. The Law made man’s blessing dependant on devotion; Grace confers undeserved, unconditional blessing: our devotion may follow, but does not always do so, in proper measure.
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