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Initiation and the Drive to Create


My lovely wife and I watched the rock documentary “Queen – Days of our Lives”. Comprised of a two-part BBC 2 documentary, Days of Our Lives is a must-have for Queen enthusiasts. It has since been released by Eagle Rock onto DVD in 2012. Brian May was the lead guitarist of Queen. He said the following at the end of the film, and it really hit a spot with me:

“Once you pass your initiation into being a rock star, it never leaves you, you cannot really stop having that feeling that makes you want to play”.

I can relate to this in my particular forms of artistry. Artistry, be it singing, writing, playing, painting, dancing, or any other form of creating, can become addictive. You want to do it again, are drawn to further creating. My dance friends can relate to this. Sometimes I think I am too tired to dance more, but this vanishes when I am drawn to the floor. I've walked away from writing in the past, but now I am doing it again. I've been taking pictures since 2007, and have many to my name now. It does not leave you.

I have a prediction. Not wanting to stop leads to more pursuits. I've taken up swing dancing. I'm considering taking up poetry. I am going to move onto video pursuits. Why? I suspect not doing so will be very bad for me. Having those feelings, and keeping on playing with them, will allow me to fully live.

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